Bicycle Maintenance classes start this Sunday

If you missed the last course, don’t worry, another starts this Sunday!!!

Basic Bicycle Maintenance at Birch Community Centre, Brighton Grove, Rusholme M14
4 Week course on Sundays 2-4pm
Course costs: £20 (benefits/student) £26 (employed)


Workshop 1 (14/11/10; 2pm- 4pm): Bike Basics: M Check, bike fitting, cleaning bikes

Workshop 2 (28/11/10; 2pm- 4pm): Bike Basics: Punctures and wheel removal

Workshop 3 (5/12/10; 2pm- 4pm): Bike Basics: Brakes- including types of brakes, changing brake cables
and brake blocks.

Workshop 4 (12/12/10; 2pm- 4pm): Bike Basics: Gears-How gears work + correct use of gears (cycling skills); Basic gear adjustments – barrel adjusters + understanding what limit screws do – no adjustments to limit screws and solving common gear problems such as erratic shifting and chain coming off.

To secure your place at the basic bike maintenance workshops please fill in your details here:

Please pay in advance by paypal to if possible

The cost is simply to cover costs of using the space and the cost of components and equipment.

It is best that you attend all classes as they are of a follow-on nature, but it is possible to drop in on one, please let me know well in advance though as tools/components will be prioritised to those that have reserved a space.

You can email or text 07866734351 for more info


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