About us

We are a new community cycling project that is committed to promoting the benefits of bicycling as an energy efficient, economical, non polluting form of transportation, and as a healthy lifestyle choice, providing access to affordable equipment and education. Broadening access to bicycling and it benefits through hands on programmes, volunteer projects and a neighbourhood bike shop. Projects written to target support groups from low economic or hard to reach groups, including asylum seekers, young offenders, homeless people and women, shall also be our priority.

Our project is different from other cycling companies and organisations in Manchester because nowhere else in Manchester teaches cycle mechanics as a main priority. Also our main aim is to make cycling affordable and available for everyone, no matter their economic status. We shall also open outside of normal shop hours, and offer training at a wide range of times, in order to make the services accessible to everyone with course flexibility.

We give people the option to pay for some prgrammes, such as Earn A Bike, in volunteering hours, which is be desirable for groups such as asylum seekers, unemployed and students etc who often have more spare time than money. Nowhere else in Manchester offers an open workshop which allows people to use the tools they need to work on their bike. The café will allow people to socialise, refuel and network. We shall also be hosting a number of social events to further enable cyclists to meet each other, share experience and skills and help to build a real and sustainable community of cyclists in Manchester.


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