Pedal MCR is run as a Not For Profit Workers Co-operative. This means that we are owned and democratically managed by its worker-owners.

We are registered with Co-operatives UK and are keen to work with other co-operatives with similar aims.

The Team

Nes Brierley, Director

Four years ago Nes founded I Bike MCR, a grassroots community cycling group that provides bike maintenance workshops, cycle confidence classes, community bike rides and a plethora of other events and activities for adults and children of all backgrounds. Encouraging full participation I Bike MCR regularly has over 200 people attending the monthly bike rides and over 15 volunteers helping with the weekly and monthly activities.

Nes is a qualified National Standard Cycling Instructor, Mountain Bike Leader and City and Guilds qualified Bike Mechanic.

For the past two years Nes has worked intensively with 36 schools in Greater Manchester, promoting cycling and helping to make the bicycle the main mode of transport for journeys to school. Nes delivered invaluable skill sharing workshops as part of curriculum lessons in addition to giving parents skills in bike maintenance and cycle confidence. The project was a great success withal the schools having high participation; one school went from having only 2% of children cycling daily to 75% of the entire school cycling regularly every day.

Nes has worked with young people and those from marginalised backgrounds for over ten years. With an honours degree in Youth and Community Work she has both the practical experience and the theoretical knowledge to work in a way that is empowering and effective.

Nes has been involved in a number of environmental groups and groups campaigning for social change and through this has vast experience of co-operative working, consensus decision making and facilitating meetings to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

Ed Watson, Director

Ed has been passionate about cycling since his childhood days of building riding mountain bike jumps in a local park. He even competed at county level during his college years in road racing. When Ed came to Manchester from London he immediately became involved in the cycling community, participating in community bike rides and events. His daily commute for his first two years of being in the city was on the busiest and most traffic congested route to university, which simply inspired him to help work toward making positive changes.

Ed is currently a second year student in Civil Engineering at Manchester University and is an enthusiastic problem solver and designer. He has a level 3 certificate in Management.

He plays saxophone and has played with bands for 4 years, organising small gigs to play funk, blues and jazz music. This experience shall be invaluable when organising our fundraising events.