Bike Maintenance Classes

Roadside Rescue Course

Part 1: Get ready to ride
Height adjustment of the seat pin and handlebar stem.
Identifying excessive component wear
Lube routine
Tools to take
Brake alignment to stop rubbing.

Part 2: On the road 
Removal and replacement of the rear wheel.
Correct use of quick release levers.
Puncture repair.
Inflation of the tyres to the correct pressure.
Rear derailleur indexing.
Emergency get-you-home tips and tricks.

Home Mechanics Course

Part 1 Overview
Class covers:
Overview of a bike (M check)
Basic tools you’ll need.
Preventative maintenance and cleaning : The ins and outs, the products and tricks.
Bike lubing: Where, how, winter and summer advice, and mopping up the excess.
Fitting and comfort.
Locks and security.

Part 2 Tyres
Class covers:
Tyre check.
Puncture repair.
Taking the wheels off, finding the hole, patching it.

Part 3 Brakes
Brake pads. Replacing and adjusting. ‘Towing in’.
Brake cables. Replacing and tuning
Brake levers. Tightening or loosening the pull. Keeping levers secure on handle bars.

Part 4: Gears
We’ll look at indexing gears and replacing cables, both inner and outer.

Part 5: Wheels
Replacing bearings in hubs
Wheel truing on bike

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