Cycle Training for Adults

National Standard Cycle Training

Whether you are learning to ride a bike for the first time, are a long term commuter that wants help with a tricky junction, need to get your confidence back after a fall or just want to get back in the saddle after a long time out of it, cycle training can really help give you the skills and confidence you need.

All classes are lead by experienced, qualified and insured instructors. Classes can be given as a one-to-one session or in groups. We have experience of working with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

Level 1 Getting on and off; Starting off and stopping; Staying upright without wobbling; Pedalling; Steering and maintaining forward progress; Cycling one handed/signalling; Looking behind; Use of gears

Level 2 Theory of on road cycling; Getting on and off the bicycle and starting off; Stopping; Use of gears; Cycling one handed/signalling; Looking behind; Turning right, left and overtaking parked vehicles on a variety of quiet roads; Using cycling facilities

Level 3 On road theory as level 2 with additional theory as required to support the more advanced road work being undertaken; Positioning and observation; Busier roads; Complex turns, roads and junctions; Roundabouts; Signal controlled junctions; Filtering; Using cycling
facilities; Different types of cycle and their purpose; Keeping a bicycle roadworthy; Clothing for cycling; Relevant accessories

If you’d like to book a course please contact us