Earn A Bike

Our earn-a-bike programme provides donated bicycles and parts to people that otherwise may not be able to afford a bike. Participants can choose a bike to earn after volunteering 24 hours towards our project: for instance, removing and organising parts, building bikes for donation or sale, working on the allotment (growing food for the cyclists cafe), serving in the cafe or general help in the workshop.

We shall provide a teaching environment that allows people of all ages to learn repair and maintenance skills specific to bicycles as well as more general skills, instilling confidence far beyond the bike stand.

The first 18 hours of the 24 have to be spent on the jobs we give them, then after Hour 18, students are allowed to designate shop bikes as their own. A tag shall be placed on the handlebars which marks the bike as “taken.” Some models may be nicer than others, but they shall be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. The bikes must remain in the shop, but the participants can spend the next 6 hours of their obligatory time fixing up their designated bike. Once they hit Hour 24, it’s theirs.

If you’d like to book a course please contact us