Donate Time

Donate: Time

Pedal MCR’s success relies on the commitment of its volunteers to the groups aims. We work at a grass-roots level, with all members of the group being local cyclists. We rely on the local knowledge and practical assistance of volunteers. Not only does this give us legitimacy, but we seek the input of everyone involved to the direction our work should follow. In all our relationships, both internal and external, we seek to be equitable and open and to work to the highest standards of inclusiveness and sustainability.

We need the following people to take up volunteer positions, if you want to get involved please complete the volunteer application form by clicking here.

Bicycle Retrieval Squad
Help needed to retrieve lost and abandoned bikes as necessary. Have a van? All the better. Or use our bike + trailer to bring bikes in

Bike Mechanics
Experienced or apprentice mechanics to help with Earn-A-Bikes, For Sale bikes, and restore impounded and donated bikes.

Cafe Crew
People that would love to cook, prepare and serve food in our vegan kitchen. We shall also have regular meetings so all the cafe crew can get together and think up menu and event ideas together.

Community Outreach, Bike Safety & Mechanics Classes
Join our team to talk bike education to school groups, youth clubs and other community groups.

Bike Co-op Art Department
Help wanted to provide artwork for shirts, murals, posters, diagrams, signage, decals, and countless other fun stuff!

Earn-a-Bike Assistants
Help organise, coordinate, and promote our E-a-B program to anyone who would like to build and earn their own recovered bike.

Fundraising and Grant writing needed
Help us find that next mini-grant, major donation to feed the Bike Co-op system!

Iron mongers, tinkers, tinsmiths and blacksmiths needed
We need help recycling iron, steel, aluminium and more to keep it out of the landfill. Also people interested in helping build tall bikes and trailers

Customer service and sales people need to help spread the word about the Bike Co-op and our need for volunteers of all flavors!

Volunteer Programme
We shall train volunteers to work in the shop and to run workshops, where appropriate. We shall also apply for funding for any necessary external training.

Contact us for a volunteer form