Our sister orgs are:

Bloomers Bike Project  Providing bicycle education for women

I Bike MCR, who organise grassroots bike events and activities

Our friends in Manchester

Neat St, who designed our logo

Great Northern Rollers, who host amazing Goldsprint events

The Pankhurst Centre, somewhere wimmin can go for advice and activities

Bicycle Doctor Workers Co-op, a great place to buy a new bike

Under The Pavement, MCR anarchist radio show

Bike projects in other cities

The Pedallers Arms, Leeds

56a Bike Workshop

Kebele Bike Kollective

Birmingham Bike Foundry

Recyke y’Bike

Cranks, Brighton

The Bristol Bike Project

Bike Rescue, York

Oxford Cycle Workshop

Magnificent Revolution


Austin Yellow Bike Project

Bike Kitchen LA

Bike Advocacy

I Bike MCR

Critical Mass- worldwide!

World Carfree Network

D.I.Y Bike Links

Sheldon Brown

Other things we like

Road Peace A national charity for road crash victims, supporting those bereaved or injured, and working for road safety.

Road Danger Redution Forum The Road Danger Reduction Forum exists to reduce road danger at source by promoting environmentally sustainable transport which will provide equity and accessibility for non-motorised road users.

Dissident Island Radio



The Great Vegan Conspiracy, amazing recipes