Club Members

In order for us to encourage full participation we encourage everyone that accesses the services we offer to become a member. You can become a member either by giving volunteer hours or by an annual monetary donation. Members have a variety of benefits including:

– Free use of open shop
– Discount for new parts
– Discount for classes
– Take part in monthly members meetings
– Discounts at other bike shops in the city
– Entry to evening events and activities in the space (you are allowed to sign in guests)
– A laminated membership card!
– You will also get that warm glow that will come from helping to keep the space open

Members “charge”

3 month period = £15 or 4 hours volunteering
6 month period = £30 or 8 hours volunteering
1 year period = £55 or 16 hours volunteering

Until the space is open volunteering can include collecting donated bikes, attending a furniture making session, helping recycle some bikes. To start volunteering you must complete the application form.

Once the space is open we shall have a jobs list you can choose from, it could be baking a vegan cake or mending donated inner tubes or helping to clean the space. Once your volunteering time is up then you recieve your membership card and have access to the above benefits.