Co-operative Members

Currently the project is set up as a not for profit workers co- operative. From experience of past projects we believe that it is important to be able to assist full time workers financially, especially as the benefit system becomes more fragile. Unfortunately we cannot offer this to everyone due to financial restrictions, yet we try to offer as many benefits to volunteers as possible, as their work shall be highly valued.

We currently have 2 listed co-operative members Nes and Ed. However it is unlikely that a wage shall be able to be paid to these co-operative members until the project is well on its feet. When the project can support the cost of wages, or if we receive the funding for wages which we have applied for we shall take on paid staff who shall also take on more responsibilities and be required to fulfil particular roles and complete a set number of hours.

Volunteers shall be the first to be invited to apply for any positions vacant.